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Here's just a small collection of the feedback we have received from our customers over the years.

Beryl, 62


After a painful and upsetting experience at a low price clinic, Andrea was recommended to me by a work colleague. She took the care to correct my uneven brows and it didnt even hurt one bit. Worth every penny! I am not going to trust anyone else with my brows.

Jenny, 24


With a busy job and lifestyle I resented having to draw in my brows every day and as I have never worn mascara struggled to frame my eyes. Now my brows are tattooed in and my top eye liner is also all I need to do on a morning is apply Vaseline onto my lips, its so liberating.

Shelaugh, 52

Laser consultant

I have never really bothered with make up on a daily basis so when I heard about semi permanent make up I thought it would be a great confidence boost. I have had my brows, bottom liner and lips done. This has dramatically made my lips look fuller and made my eyes look more prominent. Now I only need to wear make up when I go on a big night out.

Caroline, 52


Being fair I had never had much in the way of brows. But as I got older I found they did become sparser. As I do go away quite frequently I looked at getting them tattooed on. I must admit I was quite frightened at the prospect but frankly bored of having to draw them in myself. So I consulted Andrea and after looking at all of her previous work felt I was in safe hands. Now after having them done over 3 years love the fact that every morning they are there, perfect as ever and I don’t have to worry about them getting smudged or wiping off.

Lucy, 30


As a working mum I have a very busy lifestyle and to be fair anything that can cut down on time was a blessing to me. I have had my top eyeliner and my lip liner I a subtle nude pink done for the last two years. This means my eyes never look naked (even in a morning) and my lips always look full and youthful. Now all I need to wear is lip gloss, I even look good when I am swimming.