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About Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi permanent make up

Semi permanent make up is the art of implanting pigment under the dermis. Similar to a tattoo but without the pain and it is only semi permanent. Procedures last for any where between 2-5 years but it is advised to re touch a procedure every couple of years to keep it fresh.

Any one of any age can benefit from the enhancing their features, with treatments available to be performed in a Salon or in the comfort of your own home…

The facial procedures are:

  • Natural looking eye brows
  • Subtle or cosmetic eye liner
  • Subtle or cosmetic lip line and blush
  • Beauty spots
Eye treatments

We understand that every one is different, some people may prefer the clinical setting of a salon and others may prefer the discretion of having this personal procedure in the comfort of their own home. Either way we work from over ten different trusted salons in and around Yorkshire… from Beverley to Hull, surrounding villages to Leeds….. or we can come to you for a home visit if you prefer.

Why is it we are so popular?

  • Over a decade oe experience in this specialised field of cosmetics
  • No consultation fee or obligation
  • Flexible half price retouches for procedures over 18 months
  • Full portfolio inside using own pictures

About Andrea

Andrea at work

Andrea has been involved in the semi permanent make up industry since it was established. Realising the shift in the consumer tastes towards a more natural-looking makeup, she went on to study and master the highly specialized hair simulation technique.

Andrea’s interest and expertise lie in the soft and multi-dimensional application of permanent cosmetics in areas such as eyebrows, eyes and lips. In addition she performs hair simulation for clients who have been through chemotherapy or suffered with alopecia.

She continues to be at the leading edge of technological and artistic innovations, through continuing personal and professional development and keeping up to date with the newest industry developments. Using only the purest of pigments and the latest digital technology. The results are non-invasive, pain free and incredibly natural.

I believe permanent makeup is an art that requires not only talent and skill but years of experience and the ability to listen to what a client needs.

"My entire focus is on the needs of the individual."